The Great Magician

Dion the great magician brings you back into the history of magic.
Presenting classical famous illusions that will make you remember, but not for real.
Dion explains secrets that should not be revealed. Not to worry, the magic will be even more powerful.

All acts

The Great Magician

Trap doors are being revealed, hiding places are shown empty. Where did she go? Expect the unexpected!


The light casts a secret shadow hiding a delusional happening, a never ending magical adventure.

Mr. Purpurs

The eccentric Mr. Purpurs awakens into a boring white world which he magically changes into color.

The White Magic Rabbit

The magician’s props come to life to distract the hungry rabbit from getting the carrot.

Magic Tango

The love-sick young man dances the Tango but cannot forget his love because of a magical red rose.