Dion van Rijt was born in the royal city of Delft in The Netherlands in 1991.

As a young child, he entertained his first audiences by dressing up as different characters in his living room at home, and at age six he found that magic was the perfect way to express himself. While practicing sleight of hand he also discovered ballet and quickly understood that these two disciplines would fit perfectly together.

As a teenager, and with the help of his father, he developed his first magic act, and participated in various competitions in the Netherlands. He was very successful, winning first prizes three years in a row, and started to become known in the world of magic.

Building on that success, Dion took his career internationally, performing for prestigious Variety Shows, Magic Festivals and TV-Shows such as Monte Carlo Magic Stars, Le Mandrake d'Or, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde, Hanza Varieté Theater and Crazy Horse Paris.

In 2006, Dion created the much-discussed Magic Tango act and became Grand Prix Winner at the National Championships of Magic in the Netherlands, in 2009 the Grand Prix in Luxembourg, in 2010 the Grand Prix in Perm (Russia) and last but not least Dion proudly became European Champion of Magic 2011.

In 2014 he created The White Magic Rabbit and this year Dion created his current show Mr. Purpurs which is showing in theaters in many countries, as part of his very successful world tour.